Dubai: Landlord must give 12 months’ notice if real estate is to be vacated for renovation


First and foremost, any contract changes or amendments, including rental price changes, must be agreed upon by both the landlord and tenant at least 90 days before the tenancy expiration date. The tenant must formally state whether they intend to renew their contract or vacate the property. Any renewal price changes must be made according to the Rera index calculator, unless agreed otherwise.

In this specific case, if the landlord deems the property to be in a condition that requires restoration or comprehensive maintenance that cannot be carried out in the presence of the tenant using the property, a technical report must be issued by or attested by Dubai Municipality. In such a case, a 12-month vacating notice must be provided to the tenant through a notary public or registered post. Full details can be found under Article 25, Law 33 of 2008 (Amendment of Law 26, 2007). Any disputes that arise can be taken to the Rera Rental Dispute Centre. Dubai

Some factors to consider for extensive renovations, such as structural changes are Dubai Municipality approval, developer permission, and fees involved. A refundable deposit prior to the issue of a “No Objection Certificate,” commonly known as an NOC, is the norm. This deposit is refundable upon completion of the works, providing that the checks for health and safety, environmental, and community compliance have been passed. Most developer websites provide information about the fees involved.

Additionally, as costs may vary, it is important to research the scope of the project thoroughly, the quality of materials and work. Finally, set a budget and time frame, and use licensed contractors to benefit from your renovation fully. Dubai

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