Golden visas are bringing in foreign capital for the Dubai real estate market

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Foreign buyers of real estate in Dubai, which has become one of the world’s most attractive investment locations, have expressed a great interest in the 10-year residence program, Golden Visa.

According to Zoom Property Insights, Dubai is anticipated to draw a sizable portion of the $100 billion worldwide citizenship-by-investment industry, which is anticipated to rise five times by 2025. The emirate has implemented visa reforms at the right time, and silver and golden visas will draw major investment in the real estate sector.

The recent easing of restrictions on investor visas has also aided the cause by increasing investment in Dubai from investors from other nations, with Indians leading the pack. Leading real estate developers are currently providing Golden Visas to anyone prepared to invest at least Dh2 million in Dubai’s real estate market.

According to Zoom Property Insights, Indians in particular have expressed a considerable interest in the emirate’s expanding popular market because of the golden visa as well as Dubai’s strong economy, infrastructure, expatriate-friendly rules, and safe environment.

According to Zoom Property CEO Ata Shobeiry, the benefits of the golden visa have been successful in attracting international investment to Dubai.

“The UAE’s golden visa comes with a number of advantages. The fact that it’s a self-sponsored visa that comes without any limitations pertaining to moving in and out of the region makes it feasible for property investors. I believe with relaxed regulations, there will be more people getting this visa and foraying into the Dubai property market,” he said.

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