Weekly real estate transactions in Dubai total AED9.1 billion


According to data provided by the Dubai Land Department (DLD), 3,105 real estate transactions of AED9.1 billion were completed in Dubai for the week ending May 19, 2023.

191 plots were sold for AED1.14 billion, and 2,284 flats and villas were sold for AED6.03 billion, based on the DLD report.

The top three deals involved the sale of a plot of property in Island 2 for AED135 million, a plot of land in Business Bay for AED50 million, and a plot of land in Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid for AED50 million.

With 54 purchases totaling AED185.13 million, Al Hebiah Fifth recorded the highest number of transactions this week, followed by MADINAT HIND 4 with 34 sales totaling AED50.26 million and Al Hebiah Third with 14 sales totaling AED53 million.

The top three transfers for flats and villas were an apartment in Island 2 that went for AED122 million, an apartment in Palm Jumeirah that went for AED105 million, and a villa in World Islands that went for AED74 million.

The total value of mortgaged properties for the week came to AED1.68 billion, with land in Business Bay receiving the highest mortgage of AED350 million. Dubai

There were 74 property transfers between first-degree relatives totaling AED 264 million.

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