New residences at The Expo City Dubai would start at Dh1.2 million, according to the proposal

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Expo City Dubai will begin selling residences priced from Dh1.2 million ($330,000) as developers attempt to transform the former world’s fair site into a lively residential zone.

It is anticipated that the first phase of villas and flats will be finished on the site in Dubai South by January 2026.

With prices starting at Dh3.4 million, the first phase of Expo Valley will include 165 units, including a mix of five-bedroom villas, four- and five-bedroom semi-detached homes, and three- and four-bedroom townhouses. Expo City

Only inhabitants of Expo Valley will have access to these villas amid a nature reserve with animals and hiking paths, and prices are projected to start at Dh12 million.

In what is currently desert, Expo Valley will have lakes and wadis. It will be close to the main Expo site.

All of Expo City’s attractions will be accessible via a corridor for pedestrians, cyclists, and autonomous vehicles. It will also feature designated bicycle lanes and car-free zones.

In order to entirely pedestrianise the residential area, all villas, townhouses, and apartment buildings in Expo City Dubai will feature underground parking for cars that is accessible via underground tunnels.

In the centre of the World Expo, an apartment complex called Expo Central is being constructed. It will have apartment clusters that face out over Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park and be five minutes’ walk from sights like the Surreal water feature.

How come a wildlife reserve?
Expo City Dubai will be the developer of the independent free zone territory.

Expo will apply the knowledge it gained from developing the world’s fair’s attractions to the creation of living spaces.

By planting trees in the desert and making use of the surrounding landscape, it is intended to transform the desert into a neighborhood with green spaces.

Together with an adventure cycle track and a regular cycling path, the neighborhood will eventually have a 10-kilometer walking pathway.

We wanted something special, limited-edition, and wholly distinctive, Mr. Al Khatib told The National.

“In the Expo Valley, there will be a wadi area that acts as a green lung between all of the villas, a link that is more than 1 km long and offers trekking opportunities.

“There will be gazelles, water features, and various outdoor activities in our primary reserve area.

To establish a whole eco-system, care is being taken with the landscaping, trees, and birds that will be attracted by this.

An announcement is expected soon, and construction is scheduled to begin soon.
Throughout the six-month World Fair, millions of visitors assisted in setting up and testing the infrastructure, including the roads and Metro connectivity.
The property aims to lessen its reliance on cars by replacing resident transportation with electric buggies and scooters.

Apartment information
The buildings will have balconies and floor to ceiling windows with a view of the Expo locations.

One-bedroom apartments start at Dh 1.3 million and provide 960 square feet of space.

The Surreal water feature will be within 100 meters of Mangrove Residences because of their location in the Expo’s center, according to Mr. Al Khatib.

You can take your visitors on a short, 30-meter stroll to reach Jubilee Park while staying close to the Sustainable Terra pavilion and only a short distance from Al Wasl Square.

There is already an Expo City; we are just adding the residential portion.

sustainability and solar
Sustainable building materials will be employed in the construction of the buildings, and solar panels will be incorporated into the roofs of villas.

As was done for the Expo site, treated, recycled water will be used as the source of irrigation water for the green spaces.

“The idea is to develop this empty land of sand into a community with trees and give this back to nature,” he said.

“Our commitment to sustainability is extremely high and net zero is the vision of Expo City.

“All the units will be enabled with technology to deliver smart homes.”

interest in Expo City
Officials for the Expo anticipate a lot of interest in the neighborhood.

Many interested parties visited the sales office on the day of the media launch to look at houses or learn more about the development.

Among the prospective homebuyers who visited with her family to inquire about an apartment was Anghel Breton, who has lived in Dubai for the past ten years.

“We are Expo aficionados. We came every week. We still come to every event,” said the Mexican citizen.

“It’s a great opportunity for us because we like the concept of sustainability.

“My daughter goes to school nearby and the Metro is already built so it’s good because of the tourism potential.”

Bookings begin on Wednesday when purchasers can visit

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