Binghatti intends to construct the tallest “residential tower” in the world in Dubai

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The upcoming Binghatti skyscraper in Dubai is anticipated to be the tallest residential structure in the world. The name “hyper-tower” was coined by the developer during this process.

Binghatti has teamed up with Jacob & Co, a prestigious jeweler and watchmaker, for the campaign.

“What Binghatti has done in real estate, by creating a brand through a distinct design philosophy and architectural identity is very similar to what Jacob & Co has done in the world of jewelry and horology”, said Muhammad Binghatti, CEO and Head of Architecture of Binghatti.

The new tower will be located in Business Bay, and it will have more than 100 storeys.

The Central Park Tower in New York is now the world’s highest wholly residential structure, standing at 472.4 meters. The Princess Tower, which has a height of 414 meters, and 23 Marina, which has a height of 392.75 meters, are two existing structures in Dubai that meet a similar profile.

The new tower’s aesthetics will be influenced by the partnership with Jacob & Co. According to Binghatti, “we were inspired by the intricate horological movements that beat in Jacob & Co timepieces and we integrated them into the major features of the tower. “The diamond-shaped spires at the top of the tower are ornaments of exceptional fineness inspired by the design of Jacob & Co’s precisely cut stones, like a real crown.

In Dubai, the Rolex Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road already bears the logo of a watchmaker.

a style of design influenced by jewelry
According to the demand trends that are already in place and those that will arise for ultra-luxury penthouses in Dubai, Binghatti has checked that particular box. Five penthouses will be available at the tower, which pays homage to Jacob & Co.’s history in watches and jewelry.

Penthouses will come in three various designs, each named after a distinctive Jacob & Co. watch: Fleurs De Jardin, Astronomia, and Billionaire. The interior designs for penthouses will be influenced by the same variables.

The “crown jewel” of the hyper-tower will be a “Billionaire Penthouse.” remarked Jacob Arabo, the company’s chairman and creative director. This partnership provides a fresh approach for us to live up to our tagline, Inspired by the Impossible. It is a resolve to push past restrictions and tear down barriers. Inventiveness and creativity are what motivate us.

New height records are imminent
The CIEL project in Dubai Marina, which aims to be the highest hotel structure in the world, is already in the developer’s sights as a potential new height record. Deyaar’s Regalia in Business Bay and the Uptown Tower in the JLT area are two further extraordinarily tall structures that are currently under development. The Sobha firm recently unveiled a significant high-rise on Shaikh Zayed Road, and Azizi has acquired a notable plot of land along the same length of road with the stated intention of constructing something that “Dubai has never seen before.”

Demand for all types of opulent home alternatives is rising in Dubai. This past Monday, MAG for Life made public the existence of a group of homes that go by the name Ritz-Carlton and are each priced at Dh177 million.

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