At Damac Bay by Cavalli, experience waterfront living at its best

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Official announcement of Damac Bay by Cavalli’s opening has been made by Damac Properties. The opulent seaside lifestyle will be made accessible to inhabitants in this three-tower, 42-story skyscraper with an aesthetic designed by the renowned Cavalli brand.

Damac Bay, which is a part of Dubai Harbour, is embellished both internally and externally with patterns like seashells, pearls, and zebrafish. Its contemporary appearance is intended to recall the tranquility of ocean waves.

A Cavalli-inspired bridge that winds across the rooftops of Damac Bay draws attention to the building’s towers. The site offers residents a variety of housing options throughout the development’s master plan, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom super-luxury duplexes.

The podium level of the towers offers a maritime escape with a beautifully designed water maze and snorkeling adventures farther into the property.

Additionally, the platform is equipped with hammocks that are hanging above the building’s infinity pool on the ground level, providing easy access to the Cavalli Lounge and its premium menu.

Additionally, each of the three towers has a rooftop infinity pool where residents may work comfortably on floating workstations while taking in breathtaking views. A modern opera pavilion is also installed on the rooftop area, which has a view of the soothing waves of the Arabian Gulf.

The primary attraction of Damac Bay is the water fountain, which is located in the building’s main tower. The enormous water fountain performs a water show for spectators that may be seen up close to the towers or from a great distance away. It is timed to opera music.

Damac Bay’s residents will have the option of sending their kids to virtual reality school, where the lessons will be projected into the water feature on the property.

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